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Stoica Bogdan
Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer
"With eCom Rocket it's SO Easy to Find out what's actually selling right now AND it finds it for you on AliExpress. No more guesswork involved & perfect for anyone that's a complete Newbie to eCommerce or even one with experience. The multiple layers of data by spying on the hottest Facebook Ads + Google Trends data is a Game Changer. eCom Rocket is a Must."
Jay Cruiz
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Joseph Lazukin
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Matthew Neer
Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer

Rocket High Results

These are just some results from one of Bob's stores
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This store is on track to do $100k+ in 12 months.

Hey there Entrepreneurs, eCommerce & Facebook Marketers,

Bob Murray here and I want to share something VERY exciting with you Today. I have many years under my belt of generating Huge Traffic AND eCommerce for businesses here in New York City for all different niches.

Recently, I’ve partnered up with “Ali G.” and his over-the-top software development team just for YOU, and we’re proud to announce:

Get Real Time Data Including
The Most Popular Facebook Ads

The Best Time to Sell...
And Where to Source
The Exact Same Products Right Now!

Here's How It Works:

Real Time Facebook Ad Search

Find the most profitable ads on FB for any niche

(Hover over image to zoom)

Real Time Google Trends

For the first time ever, identify the optimal times of the year to sell

(Hover over image to zoom)

Real Time AliExpress Data

Pinpoint the exact same product to source on AliExpress, no guesswork involved

(Hover over image to zoom)

...NOW you can Quickly & Easily enter the eCommerce space “Successfully” by being able to SPY on the hottest products in eCom that are already being sold Massively on Facebook!

Like never before… with the added layer of Google Trends, you can Quickly Identify the ‘right time’ to be selling that product that you are looking up.

Why waste your time trying to sell something in your eCom store now, when that ‘perfect product’ is HOT at a different time of the year..?

NOW you’ll know WHEN to Sell..! =)

Just type in the key-words and let eCom Rocket do ALL the work.


(Why have OLD, Archived Data that’s been ‘Scraped’ months or even YEARS Ago like Competitors out there are offering??)

With eCom Rocket, ALL the Data is LIVE & Fresh for You via Facebook & Google Trends API’s. =)

That gets rid of ANY Guess-work for you, since you KNOW what is Selling NOW.

When you’re doing eCom you’re not trying to re-invent the wheel to be successful, but rather find out which ‘wheels’ are already selling.

When you know where the $$$ in eCom is going, you want to step right in front of it.

SO you could easily start swimming in profits, as the buyers are already there for you! (no need to 'find' buyers)

BEST of all, with eCom Rocket,

with a click you can Find out Exactly where on AliExpress to SOURCE that EXACT Product Quick & EASY! =)

eCom Rocket is the Sure-Fire Way for you to assure yourself to make an EASY 6+ Figures in Profits to your Bottom-Line..! (at the least!)

Whether you’re a Complete Newbie to eCom and don’t know where to begin or have a few eCom stores already but NOTHING is moving. =(

…with eCom Rocket by your side, Your Profits will BLAST OFF, in 3... 2… 1… BOOM!!!!!

100% Success Guarantee

I guarantee that eCom Rocket is the fastest, easiest way to uncover live Facebook ads, Google trends and real time AliExpress sales data.

And to prove it, I’m going to let you try it risk-free for an entire 30 days!

Yep. It's all on me. Rocket you way to success starting tonight…

… and over the next 30 days…

… if you still don’t LOVE eCom Rocket

… then I’ll refund you every last penny on the spot.

No questions asked, no B.S.

Special One Time Offer Launch Special

There has never been a better time to get your hands on this tool.

Normally tools like this that give you real-time data will charge you monthly for the premium. But for a limited time, you can get it for a one-off fee.

Remember this offer is only for the duration of the launch period.

One Time Only

eCom Rocket

+ 3 Fast Action Bonuses:

  • # 1 Bob's 'Quick-Start' Training Will Have You Up & Running in 5 minutes!

  • # 2 Live Webinar eCom Training with '2' Well-known Surprise Experts in Dec/Jan - You do Not Want to Miss This!

  • # 3 On Live Training We Will be Giving Away a Powerful Piece of eCom Software worth $199 for at NO-COST to 'You'!


To 'Your' Rocketing eCom Success!

Ali G & Bob Murray

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this legal?

A. Yes. Absolutely. Businesses have been spying on each other’s ads since advertising was invented. Difference is, now it’s 1000 times easier and faster. Now you can see exactly what works, for countless competitors, in just seconds, all in one place!

Q. Will Facebook or AliExpress BAN this tool?

A. No. This tool is not a scraper or a bot. With FB, the tool does a smart search using FB's own search functionality. With AliExpress, the tool uses AliExpress' API to pull the live data.

Q: Is this REALLY Real-Time?

A. Yes. This is a big difference with a lot of other tools of this sort which scrape data and store the data in a database, which means that, unless it is updated daily, the data will quickly get outdated. eCom Rocket follows a different approach which guarantees you the most up to date data at all times.

Log into eCom Rocket today and instantly uncover ads, trends, and products that are already working

… and finally hit escape velocity heights only a rocket can take you!

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