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    • Crush It on Facebook
      Auto post simultaneously to pages, groups and your profile
    • GIF 'Bomb' Your Twitter
      Auto tweet your GIFs for maximum engagement
    • Wordpress GIF explosion
      Auto populate your blog with attention grabbing GIFs
    • The Viral Effect
      The potential for viral sharing is VERY HIGH when it comes to GIFs
    • Boost Conversion
      Higher engagement = More eyeballs = More conversions
    • $$ Made Via GIFBuddy
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    • Save for Later
      Once you find GIFs you like, with one click you can make sure they get saved for future reference

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Ben Murray
Internet Marketer
"There are so many marketers fighting for the same space on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The smart marketers know that to succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd. You can now with GIFBuddy. Using animated gifs is a quick and easy way to do this - with thousands of GIF images to use from a fully searchable database it has never been so easy to post images that will catch your audience's attention."
Keith Mallinson
Social Media Marketer
"IF engagement of your Social Media has become a problem as it has for so many marketers these days, then you will want to have GIFbuddy as your automated friend to make sure those problems are gone! GIFs are fun, viral and highly attention grabbing. That right there is more than half the battle, SOLVED. I highly recommend this to everyone!"
Bryan Gerber
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"My favorite type of traffic... Viral Traffic! You setup a campaign in 10 minutes and after that you just sit and relax while Fb does it's thing... Combining the viral power of GIFs with Facebook is and will be the END Game. GIFBuddy takes all the work from your shoulders."
Stoica Bogdan
Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer

Prepare to be Mind Blown


Notice How Much They Pop Out and Engage Attention?

Well read on and see how you can take advantage of them for yourself. We've made it as easy and brainless as 'point and click'. You'll be 'mind-blown' for sure!

Hey there Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, eCommerce & Social Media Marketers,

Ali G here and I want to share something VERY exciting with you Today. As you can see above, animated GIFs are the hottest thing right now, for many reasons that I will go into later. But the most important thing to note is that these GIFs have MASSIVE engagement.

Guess what? Social Media is all about engagement.

Ask Yourself This

Which of these two is more engaging?

A still image is certainly better than no image at all. However because it is still, it is more limited in its power to hold your attention. Its engagement power is low.


The animated GIF conveys 'fast and furious' way more effectively. It draws you in more and holds your attention. The result? Massive engagement for the animated GIF.

The major companies know this. This is why

Big Brands are already exploiting animated GIFs

Top successful marketers and brands like Dell, American Apparel, Samsung, Wendy's, Starbucks and thousands of others are using new animated GIFs in their marketing campaigns with great success on social media channels including Facebook and Twitter and seeing Amazing Results.

How amazing? Well see for yourself:


6% Increase in Open Rates


42% Increase in Click Rates


103% Increase in Conversion Rates


106% Increase in Revenue

So I want to ask you ONE Simple Question:

Have you noticed that your social media engagement is simply

NOT what it used to be??

See, Online Audiences are just De-Sensitized these days to the usual efforts marketers use.

Simple images or even something you think is ‘great’ to use are just not enough. They’ve Seen it ALL.

In the words of Simon Cowell -



What About Video?

Videos are definitely a better option, but those require TIME & MONEY to create.


Now There is a Better Option - Animated GIFs

We all know what GIFs are. EVERY one us has either Liked, Commented, Shared, Reacted to them on Social Media cause they are SO much fun!

But most importantly from a marketing perspective,

Animated GIFs are cheaper than video and more compelling than still images.

Animated GIFs are powerful because of their ability to draw you in again and again by preserving the most random of moments for what feels like forever, captivating your readers with its hypnotic power.

This is why we see animated GIFs on pop culture blogs and in online art galleries, even film coverage and fashion week recaps.

This is also why TOP TIER 7 & 8 Figure Marketers are USING the power of GIFs to engage via their inherent VIRAL Qualities.

More Engagement = More Eyeballs = More Conversions = $$

That is why I set out to create the World’s 1st GIF Cloud Marketing Platform of its kind, so that you can Unleash MASSIVE Engagement in just a couple of clicks!

I'm proud to introduce...

Just Point and Click to Get
The Most Popular GIFs

Find GIFs In Any Niche...
And Auto Schedule To
Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress!

Now you can schedule out the HOTTEST GIFs simply by Typing in a Specific Keyword, Schedule It for Days, Weeks, Even Months, AND drop your own Marketing Hyper-links to draw the FREE Traffic you'll get to offers YOU want them to see. See the 1-2-3 process below to see how easy and
'point and click' this is.

Here's How It Works:

One Click GIF Search

The most popular GIFs handed to you on a silver platter

(Hover over image to zoom in)

One Click Share & Copy

Post instantly or schedule to FB, WP or Twiter

(Hover over image to zoom in)

Powerful Hands Off Scheduling

GIFBuddy works 24/7 for you while you sleep!

(Hover over image to zoom in)

GifBuddy Works With:

Facebook Profiles, Groups You Own and ALL the Fan Pages you've EVER Liked

Your Personal Twitter Feed

Your Wordpress Blog, in ANY number of post categories

Set and Forget

GIFBuddy features a true set-and-forget scheduling engine that wakes up at the right time to trigger your scheduled posts and tweets. It is truly your social media 'buddy' that works for you 24/7 even while you are sleeping.

The Viral Effect

Animated GIFs have inherent viral potential, but GIFBuddy also gives you the Trending Topic #Hashtags so that you quickly KNOW how to make your posts go VIRAL...and What's Better than FREE Viral Traffic?

Compatible With All Major Browsers:

Aidan Corkery of Bare Knuckle Marketing was one of the early users of GIFBuddy and in the video on the right, he describes his experience with the software. In a word he loved it! Check it out for yourself, and note that we are giving away Aidan's bonus over the shoulder training video where he uses GIFBuddy to get traffic to his fan page and generated sales LIVE on camera. For more details of this fast action bonus, see the bonus section down below.

100% Success Guarantee

I guarantee that GIFBuddy is the fastest, easiest way to uncover the most popular GIFs on social media right now that will give your posts and tweets an engagement boost.

And to prove it, I’m going to let you try it risk-free for an entire 30 days!

Yep. It's all on me. Boost your engagement starting tonight…

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No questions asked, no B.S.

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Normally tools like this that give you real-time data will charge you monthly for the premium. But for a limited time, you can get it for a one-off fee.

Remember this offer is only for the duration of the launch period.

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Save $7 Using Discount Code: GIF7

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Exclusive Fast Action Bonus #1

Quick Start Video Training

In this fast action bonus, we're going to be showing you step-by-step...
- How to set up FB for GIFBuddy to start posting to all your pages and groups and profile...
- How to use GIFBuddy to start scheduling tweets...
- How to set up your Wordpress blog in GIFBuddy to start scheduling your posts

These videos are so simple and to the point that you will have everything up and running in 15 minutes or less!

Exclusive Fast Action Bonus #2

Over the Shoulder Training Video with Aidan Corkery

This is one bonus you do not want to miss! Aidan Corkery of Bare Knuckle Marketing was one of the first people to use GIFBuddy and in this exclusive video you get to see over the shoulder, a LIVE walkthrough as Aidan shows you step by step how he uses GIFBuddy to schedule virally engaging posts to his fan page. You will see LIVE engagements and even sales generated before your eyes! This bonus is available for ALL fast action takers (meaning if you get in during the launch period).

Exclusive Fast Action Bonus #3

LIVE Training on
Growing Your Social Traffic With GIFBuddy &
15 Minute 'Trendjacking' Campaigns

In this webinar, we're inviting a traffic master to show you step-by-step...
- How to use GIFBuddy to grow a social media following e.g. a Facebook Group or a Twitter Account from scratch & organically
- The Critical Wording Method that 10x your results...
- How to to get paid $500/mo doing it for others (even without a traffic spike!)...

When you purchase GIFBuddy today, you are immediately registered for this special webinar where you can watch over-the-shoulder as we do this LIVE with a special traffic master guest...

To 'Your' Social Marketing Success!

Ali G & Marcus Lim

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the tool run 24/7?

A. Yes. Absolutely. It runs all the time even when your computer is off and you're sleeping. It's a web based software so it knows exactly when to 'wake up' and trigger the posts you've scheduled beforehand.

Q. Will Facebook or Twitter BAN this tool?

A. No. This tool uses both FB and Twitter API to access your accounts. There is nothing blackhat at all about the tool, it is 100% compliant.

Q. What is GIPHY?

A. GIPHY is the world's largest database of animated GIFs. What this means is that you will not run out of GIFs to use anytime soon. We've partnered up with GIPHY so you will see the logo 'powered by GIPHY'.

Q: Is this REALLY 'point and click'?

A. Yes. This is a big difference with a lot of other tools of this sort which give you the ability to create GIFs. GIF Buddy follows a different approach which finds you existing GIFs so it really is point and click.

Log into GIF Buddy today and instantly uncover hashtags, and GIFs that are already working schedule them to your FB, Twitter, WP...

...and get your engagement level through the roof!